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Operational Complexity Crushing your Margins?

Leading MSPs Streamline their Clouds Using StorPool Storage


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Reliable data storage

Lock You In

Hyperscale cloud services providers are an option. But, they are notorious for their hidden charges and skyrocketing fees. Moving into “the cloud” is easy. Optimising your bills or moving out at scale – close to impossible.

Reliable data storage

Traditional Tech
is Low-Margin

Building a cloud on your own with familiar enterprise tech is an option. However, it is increasingly low-margin. Also, hiring and keeping the people needed to build a cloud is harder than ever and won’t get any easier.

Reliable data storage

Packaged Solutions
are Expensive

You could go with the cloud-in-a-box model. That demands high upfront investments, and supporting ageing appliance-based clouds is expensive. Doing forklift upgrades every few years also costs a lot.

The world is finishing the move to a cloud-like approach to IT.
To survive and win new business, today, IT services providers must deliver cloud technology and services.

Reliable data storage

How can you retain control over your cloud infrastructure while providing a flawless user experience to your customers?

Reliable data storage

How do you streamline your operations while remaining the go-to IT solutions provider in your region?

Reliable data storage

How do you respond to customer needs fast while continuing to deliver reliable, always-online services?

Managed Services Providers | Storage

The Ideal Foundation for Clouds Running Mission-critical Workloads for Managed Service Providers

StorPool Storage helps you get your data in order. It enables you to deploy and grow reliable, agile, speedy, and cost-effective clouds that delight your users and rival the hyperscalers. Bring your data home using the technologies you need, and pay as you grow – with no fixed term commitments.


  • What do our partners say about StorPool Storage?

    ‘The StorPool product is perfect from cost, flexibility (grow-as-you-go), and performance point of view. Second – and for us equally important – is the way the StorPool team helps us to build the most advanced hosting platform and their fast and committed support in case of an issue.’

    Hink Wiersema, Product Manager and Architect at Atos


Storage Solution for Next-Generation Clouds

StorPool Storage is the easiest way to convert sets of standard servers into primary or secondary storage systems. Under the hood, it provides thin-provisioned volumes to the workloads and applications running in your on-premises cloud. StorPool Storage systems are ideal for storing and managing the data of primary workloads – databases, web servers, virtual desktops, and more. The native multi-site, multi-cluster, and BC/DR capabilities enable your hybrid- and multi-cloud efforts at scale.

Use the Right Tool for Each Use Case

Connect a single StorPool storage system to all your hypervisors – whether VMware, OpenStack, Kubernetes, OpenNebula, or all of them together. StorPool serves storage equally to all your virtualised, containerised, or bare-metal environments.

Simplify Your Cloud Infrastructure

By connecting a single StorPool storage system to all your Cloud Platforms, you can streamline your entire IT operations. Our native plug-ins automate the day-to-day interactions between your cloud platforms and your StorPool storage system, so you can just get your projects done.


Ease the Load on Your People

Our seasoned storage experts expertly maintain your StorPool storage systems, so your end-users experience fast and reliable services. Meanwhile, your tech team finally has time for the critical projects that aim to grow your business.


Your Data Storage Partner




We help you select the ideal architecture for your cloud at the physical, network, and logical levels, using only standard hardware.

We install StorPool Storage in your servers and connect your storage system to one or more Cloud Management Platforms.

We analyse and tune your StorPool Storage system so that it runs optimally and reliably for your customers’ workloads.




We monitor hundreds of metrics per second to proactively open support tickets and deal with any issues that arise.

We ensure that your storage system always runs optimally by installing non-disruptive updates and adding servers when needed.


Dustin Group replaces multiple Tier 1 storage vendors with a Software-Defined Storage solution from StorPool Storage

Dustin Group, one of the leading Managed Service Provider companies in Europe presents how they elevated their cloud by implementing StorPool’s storage platform for MSPs.

To meet the changing needs of customers, Dustin needed to have a highly efficient cloud platform. With the transition to New-Age IT and building a software-defined cloud, Dustin managed to expand its technological leadership on the European market.

Pricing Model Designed so You can Win

When you deliver excellent services at great prices, you attract more happy customers, your revenue grows, and the amount of data in your storage systems increases. Everyone wins. That’s why our team of storage experts helps you optimise the cost of your cloud infrastructure end-to-end. Including your StorPool licenses!

StorPool bills you only for data saved in your storage system, not counting redundant replicas, so that you can deliver more solutions to your customers and grow your business.

Regain Control

Buy the hardware needed to meet long-term goals while keeping software costs low

Prepare for Growth

Separate your investments in hardware from the fees for the software needed to run it!

Pricing forecast for Managed Services Providers

Use Case

Migration to cloud management platform integrated with StorPool

System type

Choosing primary storage for virtualization workloads (VMs, VPS, etc.)

Storage Media

Storage drives, system hardware

Initial Capacity

Starting storage capacity

Year 1 Growth

Prediction of monthly growth rate over Year 1

Year 2 and On

Prediction of monthly growth rate from Year 2 on

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