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CloudStack block storage

Build a scalable, efficient and high performance cloud with CloudStack and StorPool. StorPool delivers the ultimate primary CloudStack block storage solution on the market .

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Cloudstack storage

Fast, reliable and efficient CloudStack storage

The capable Apache CloudStack storage alternatives are few. Yet, the key to building efficient CloudStack infrastructure can be found in the balance between the costs and capabilities of the underlying storage and infrastructure layer.

Cloud providers, MSPs, and Enterprises across the globe use StorPool in order to increase the ROI (Return on Investment) of their IT. Combined with its efficiency, scalability and reliability, StorPool can boost your infrastructure and help you to achieve superb end-user experience in combination with Apache CloudStack.

StorPool has native support for CloudStack which provides Primary DataStore plugin and an agent plugin. This allows CloudStack to attach one or more volumes per VM and exposes the full functionality of a modern, API-driven storage system to CloudStack.

With performance starting at 0.6 ms of latency and 1,000,000 IOPS, StorPool is a best-of-breed block storage solution for  CloudStack deployments. Deliver amazing speed to any performance-sensitive users/applications.

StorPool’s integration with CloudStack

StorPool is deeply integrated with CloudStack and has a native driver in the host OS, which provides block devices in /dev/storpool/volname as raw disk images for qemu/KVM. The integration also provides the functionality to manage volumes and snapshots directly in the storage system via its API.

In this way you can manage and use the full functionality of the storage system from CloudStack itself. You can find the integration

StorPool has native support for CloudStack which provides Primary DataStore Provider plugin and an agent plugin. In our case they are both in the same file, so installation is just dropping the file in the corresponding directory and reloading CoudStack services.

A new primary storage is created from “Infrastructure -> Primary Storage -> Add Primary Storage” for each StorPool template (think pre-defined volume template with particular parameters) that will be used. And the new Primary storage is used as normal.

Supported operations:
Create ROOT volume from ISO
Create ROOT volume from Template
Create DATA volume
Attach ROOT/DATA volume
Detach ROOT/DATA volume
Migrate VM
Delete ROOT volume
Delete DATA volume
Create ROOT/DATA volume snapshot
Create volume from snapshoot
Create TEMPLATE from ROOT volume
Create TEMPLATE from snapshot
Download volume
Revert ROOT/DATA volume to snapshot
(Live) resize ROOT/DATA volume

Use Cases: StorPool and CloudSatck

Building reliable CloudStack clouds and assuring their uptime
Solving performance issues in CloudStack powered deployments
Building complex environments requiring
resource efficiency
Running large scale deployments which demand scalability
and performance

Building a software-defined cloud with CloudStack

Building a software-defined cloud with CloudStack can bring you numerous benefits.
Watch the live recording of the session of Boyan Krosnov, CPO of StorPool storage from The CloudStack European User Group Day, London, UK. Discover the advantages you will get thanks to the great collaboration between StorPool’s block storage and CloudStack.

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Leading MSP Amito builds a large-scale multi-terabyte storage deployment with CloudStack and StorPool

The UK-based leading MSP Amito built a large-scale multi-terabyte data storage platform with StorPool and CloudStack. Тhe storage solution spread across multiple clusters will support the enterprise-grade needs of Amito’s customers and will ensure a reliable data storage platform for their growing infrastructure.

Case Study

StorPool outperforms Nimble and Pure Storage for a large-scale multi-terabyte storage deployment with CloudStack

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