Storage is Like Gaming:
You need great strategy,
speed and … passion!

Give gamers the best experience with 100% uptime and
the lowest possible load times. Ensure reliability and a
competitive advantage for your games.

Gamers will give you one chance only to like your game. Be sure you take it.

StorPool is helping gaming companies to build fast, scalable and reliable software-defined infrastructure to develop and run games. Achieve 100% reliability of your customers’ data and high availability of your infrastructure. No single points of failure and vendor lock-in.

By using StorPool’s software-defined storage for gaming companies, you will dramatically decrease your game load time and will provide your customers with outstanding experience.

Ensure Uptime and Eliminate Performance Bottlenecks

The gaming industry is one of the most competitive ones globally. Tens of thousands of game development studios are launching new games daily and fighting for customers’ love. Gamers’ expectations are growing constantly and you need to perform really well.
One of the often overlooked aspects by game development companies is the technologies behind the game. A software-defined storage solution, for example can help you to speed up your game and increase uptime. Thus to increase your customers’ satisfaction and number of players.

Тhe benefits of Software-defined storage for gaming companies

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Imperia Online : 100% uptime and blazing speed after deploying StorPool

Learn how StorPool helped one of the most successful game production companies in Europe – Imperia Online.

Imperia Online has more than 20 released games, over 40 million users in 170+ countries worldwide. As any company in the gaming industry, their main goal was to provide great games with extreme speed (low latency). Behind the scenes they were working hard to keep players’ data safe and to be always online and accessible.

Imperia Online realized that in order to achieve these goals, they needed to upgrade from the complex solution they build themselves, to a powerful private cloud, where all IT service are automated and fully virtualized. And having fast, reliable and cost efficient shared storage was the critical piece of this new cloud. After extensive research Imperia Online chose to deploy StorPool’s software-defined distributed storage software, which lead to 100% uptime and 4 times faster game load times, compared to their biggest competitor.

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