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and its impact on the cloud industry

Business Materials

More on the business side of StorPool and why building a converged infrastructure is better, can be found below.

StorPool Brochure

StorPool Brochure

Cloud/VPS Brochure

Storage Platform for Cloud Infrastructure

Product Fact Sheet

Product Overview

Solution Brief

Vesper Technology & StorPool - almost 1 mln. IOPS for $61k

Partner Case Study

StorPool, Mellanox and S3S

Intel and StorPool

Solution Brief

Micron and StorPool

Solution Brief

White Paper

5 Things Storage Vendors Are Not Telling You

White Paper

Building a Highly Available Shared Hosting

StorPool at Storage Field Day 2018

Explore our presentation from the global technical gathering of storage experts

Technical Materials

For more details on the technical aspects of StorPool and how to build a converged infrastructure in less than 2 weeks, please see below.

Technical Overview

StorPool Technical Overview

System Requirements

StorPool System Requirements

Pre-installation Checklist

StorPool Pre-installation Checklist

Performance Test

3 storage nodes, 12 SSDs in total = 468,000 IOPS.

Getting Started Guide

StorPool Getting Started Guide

Volume Management

StorPool Volume Management

Storage Performance and Resilience Testing

How to select a storage
system for your cloud

StorPool User Guide

User Guide with details for StorPool's features and capabilities

Discover more for StorPool’s Technical Capabilities in our Knowledge Base

StorPool’s Knowledge Base provides a detailed product insight, technical documentation, information for StorPool’s storage integration and releases. Visit the Knowledge Base to dive deep into our storage capabilities.