StorPool Storage at OpenNebulaCon 2022 – talk recordings

It was a great pleasure to be part of the most important OpenNebula event of the year: the OpenNebula Conference 2022. StorPool was a sponsor at the event. We were working together with the community to highlight and promote the innovations and developments occurring in the cloud and edge computing space while sharing our vision for storage solutions, what we bring to the market in the current world of Enterprise Cloud Technology, and showcasing our seamless integration with OpenNebula. We had two presentations at the event. Read on and learn more about StorPool’s talks.

About OpenNebulaCon 2022

The OpenNebulaCon 2022 was a three-day virtual event scheduled for May 31 – June 2, 2022. Hundreds of OpenNebula architects, engineers, and technology leaders joined the presentations and discussions and had the chance to participate in hands-on activities and direct conversations with the experts.

StorPool Storage at OpenNebulaCon 2022

We were excited to join the OpenNebulaCon 2022 as a sponsor this year. With our deep understanding of the OpenNebula technology and applications, we had to chance to meet the community once again, collaborate with the experts, and share our knowledge and experience with the attendees. StorPool Storage has a native plugin for OpenNebula, and we help our clients build powerful and speedy OpenNebula clouds that meet their high expectations.

StorPool had two sessions on the OpenNebulaCon 2022:

Gain fine-grain control of your KVM virtual machines

Anton Todorov, Senior Development Engineer at StorPool Storage

About the talk:

Get access to every feature and settings libvirt has, and gain full control of your KVM virtual machines, bypassing the hard-coded definitions in OpenNebula. Anton from StorPool will present an extensible add-on to OpenNebula that allows fine-grain control on every feature that libvirt provides. Whether you need to use the latest feature in qemu/libvirt that is not yet supported by OpenNebula, or you need a custom logic to control parameters like queue size, with this add-on, you can make your VMs behave exactly as you need. In this talk, you’ll learn how to optimize your KVM virtual machines, bypass the hard-coded definitions in OpenNebula and make your VMs behave exactly as you need.

StorPool Storage: High-Performance Linearly Scalable Primary Storage Platform for Cloud Infrastructure

Alex Ivanov, Product Lead at StorPool Storage

About the talk:

StorPool Storage is a leading software provider that develops the most reliable and speedy storage platform on the market. Public and private cloud builders – Managed Services Providers, Hosting Services Providers, Cloud Services Providers, enterprises, and SaaS vendors – use StorPool Storage as the foundation for their clouds. StorPool converts sets of standard servers into primary storage systems for large-scale cloud infrastructure. The software comes as an utterly hands-off solution – we architect, deploy, tune, monitor, and maintain your StorPool Storage system so that your users experience a speedy and reliable service.

StorPool has native plug-ins for Cloud Management Platforms like OpenNebula, OpenStack, CloudStack, Kubernetes, and OnApp. It also supports VMware, Oracle VM, Hyper-V, XenServer, and almost all Linux technology stacks.

Learn more about StorPool’s integration with OpenNebula!

Learn more about StorPool Storage and how we accelerate the world by storing data more productively!

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