StorPool Storage announces 40% YoY growth in H1 2020 and a stunning 73% Net Promoter Score

June 24, 2020, Global – The leader in high-performance software-defined storage StorPool Storage announces over 40% year-over-year growth in H1 2020. Some of the most notable new customers include a global public IT Services and consulting company, a leading UK MSP, one of Indonesia’s largest hosting companies, one of Netherland’s top datacenters, a fast-growing public cloud provider in the UK and others.

Although smaller-scale, the European storage vendor is one of the few stable, profitable, and fast-growing storage companies in the world. Without any funding rounds in the last 5 years, the provider continues to achieve double-digit growth by organically expanding on its existing market verticals and penetrating new ones.

At the end of 2019, StorPool announced that the company is entering the Kubernetes market by extending its strong core Software-Defined Storage 2.0 technology with a CSI plugin, providing persistent storage for K8S containers. The company is continually improving its Kubernetes integration and recently announced a partnership with ITGix – a specialized provider, focused on containerization, automation, and managed service to deliver high-performance and fully managed deployments with Kubernetes and OpenStack.

On the technical side StorPool announced new multi-site and multi-cluster features, expanding on its powerful Data Management Platform for Software-Defined Datacenters (SDDC). With these new features, StorPool’s customers will be able to distribute their load between sites and migrate seamlessly virtual machines between data centers and also to build datacenter-scale storage systems with 10s of Petabytes of fast block storage.

“In times of COVID-19 pandemic, we observe a steady growth of our customers and revenues. This is due to most daily activities of the worldwide population moving online. And the IT infrastructure and cloud providers are on the frontline to satisfy the huge demand for IT services. Remote work tools, virtual desktops, e-commerce, and many other areas are growing during the pandemic. As a leading storage provider for IT infrastructure, we guarantee high performance, high availability, and reliability for our customers and their mission-critical applications”, said Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage.

“In addition, StorPool has an extremely high-quality product, wrapped in outstanding technical support, resulting in just 0.96% churn and an amazing 73% NPS (Net Promoter Score), way above the top industry benchmarks. These are some of the key drivers of our growth, alongside our amazing team.”

StorPool is proud to share that it has not reduced its staff and is actively hiring for a number of positions. “We’ve attracted an incredible team at StorPool, which is evident by the amazing efficiency and output of the company and the very low employee turnover, all of which is part of our unique approach to product and company development.”

“Our goal for 2020 is to help more companies, who run public or private clouds to store their data more efficiently and accelerate our adoption and revenues, as a result of this.”, shares Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool.

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