StorPool’s new version available

Performance improved by up to 30% increase in IOPS, capacity expanded to 1PB, and interoperability increased to include CloudStack alongside OpenStack and Docker


StorPool, the intelligent software-defined storage specialist, has launched the latest version of its StorPool software. Bringing block storage technology to both public and private clouds, the new features include native CloudStack integration, lower CPU usage, and up to 30% increase in IOPS, increasing data capacity savings by up to 15% and increasing scalability to beyond 1PB.

StorPool’s software allows service providers, enterprises and cloud builders to run enterprise-level data storage on standard x86 servers. The solution, which allows linear scalability, is installed on each server and aggregates the performance and capacity of every drive into a single shared pool of block storage, distributed between the servers.
StorPool new features include:

  • CloudStack integration: alongside OpenStack, OpenNebulaOnApp, Docker, LVM and LXC support, giving users even more flexibility and interoperability.
  • Increased scalability: to 20,000 volumes and snapshots per cluster, so the software can satisfy even the most demanding customer requirements.
  • Larger clusters: building storage systems in the petabyte range and single volumes of up to 30TB in usable storage.
  • Up to a 20% reduction in CPU usage and a 30% increase IOPS: removing bottlenecks and accelerating performance.
  • Scrubbing: to ensure data saved on physical drives is not corruptible by silent hardware errors.
  • TRIM below: reducing redundant blocks of data strengthens SSD endurance levels and can improve SSD performance.

StorPool CEO Boyan Ivanov said: “These updates will significantly enhance our customers’ storage experience. The updated version of our software offers greater interoperability, accelerated performance and boosted reliability – just what the busy IT manager needs.”

About StorPool

StorPool is a software-defined storage solution that allows public/private cloud builders to run converged data storage, alongside applications, on standard x86 servers.

Founded in 2011, and based on the belief that storing data should be simpler, cheaper and more efficient, StorPool’s intelligent storage software boosts performance and removes I/O bottlenecks boosts performance and removes I/O bottlenecks. It has advanced fully-distributed architecture and delivers extraordinary performance, exceptional efficiency, scalability and simplicity. It can reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) several times. For further information, please visit

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