backup and recovery enabled in StorPool

StorPool’s new version enables backup and recovery and supports Hyper-V and VMware hypervisors

StorPool announces major updates to boost customer innovation: storage solution now enables backup and recovery feature alongside support for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware hypervisors

17th November 2016 – StorPool Storage, the distributed storage software specialist, today announced the 13th major version of its software-defined storage solution. The new version, offers a native backup and disaster recovery features for data protection. In addition, it will allow a greater share of the market to consider the solution thanks to a wider operating system compatibility; in fact the software, which was originally designed for Linux-based platforms, now includes support for wide range of environments, including VMware, Windows Server and Hyper-V (except CSV). StorPool is designed for both public and private cloud operators: the updates will simplify data storage management, and free up time to focus on core business activities.

StorPool now includes the following new features:

1. StorPool native data backup and disaster recovery (DR) and geo-replication

  • This functionality eliminates the need for a separate data protection solution, simplifying a customer’s storage infrastructure and reducing costs.
  • StorPool clusters in remote locations are now able to asynchronously transfer encrypted snapshots over the public internet. This enables accelerated long-distance data backup and virtual machine migration from one geographical region to another, e.g. from the US to Europe, delivering vital business continuity to companies.
  • After the first sync, StorPool only backs up new or changed data, rather than entire data sets. These incremental backups reduce data transfers and shorten back-up and recovery times by up to 95%. This impressive performance enables users to set ambitious recovery point objectives and safeguard business continuity.

2. iSCSI support

StorPool has added high-performance, scale-out iSCSI support. The iSCSI implementation is highly available, which means that StorPool’s iSCSI target has automatic fail-over: switching to a redundant target and ensuring business continues as usual in the event of a hardware failure. StorPool is now compatible with all operating systems and hypervisors (including, but not limited to, VMware and Hyper-V). It also brings StorPool’s high-performance and scalable shared block storage to dedicated and bare metal servers. This means the software is much more versatile and accessible for many more end users, who now overpay for expensive and inflexible alternatives.

3. Multi-core processing

StorPool’s multi-threaded software concurrently executes multiple processes, which means customers can now achieve even higher performance and return on investment from their underlying hardware. The update allows per-node performance figures to increase by up to 80% from approximately 100,000 to up to 180,000 IOPS. This, added to the improved hardware performance, allows customers to build storage systems at well below $0.1/IOPS.

StorPool’s storage systems scale beyond 1PB in a single cluster with performance of millions of IOPS and throughput of tens of GB/s per cluster. The distributed storage software’s standard use of two CPU cores, 8 GB RAM and 0.2 ms latency makes it the prime solution for companies building clouds.

StorPool CEO Boyan Ivanov said: “Business is changing. What used to work yesterday does not work today anymore. This puts pressure on enterprises and service providers to innovate in order to stay on the market. By innovation in the IT stack we help our customers to keep and grow their business. And this is not just storage, we help them optimize the entire IT stack, so they can thrive. Our latest features not only add new capabilities for our customers. More importantly they allow a much larger set of companies to benefit from this superior solution.”

About StorPool

StorPool is a distributed storage solution that allows companies to run data storage, alongside applications, on standard x86 servers in a converged or hyper-converged fashion. It leverages standard hardware to provide shared-storage service. StorPool is used to build the most efficient public and private clouds and delivers value in business terms – faster and more reliable service, happier customers, lower churn, highest possible ROI on a Total Solution Cost basis.

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