Silver Lining Systems Case Study

Leading cloud provider Silver Lining Systems upgrades its services with StorPool Storage

SLS/Silver Lining Systems has achieved exceptional performance, excellent reliability and availability of its services with the help of the fastest storage solution on the market – StorPool!

The Challenge

SLS needed a cost-effective and scalable software-defined storage that supports Hyper-V under OpenStack. Prior to choosing StorPool, the company was using Ceph and could not achieve the performance they were aiming at. The company needed a solution, which is faster, more scalable, and reliable to satisfy the needs of its enterprise customers.

The Solution

Switching from Ceph to StorPool gave SLS faster storage performance and significantly upgraded the quality of its services. The company chose StorPool’s storage solution based on many factors such as attaining better productivity and optimizing its infrastructure. SLS could achieve better budget optimization and high availability with the help of the cost-effective storage solution with 24/7 support by StorPool over unmanaged SDS software. With the use of StorPool storage, SLS can now guarantee better reliability and seamless scalability as well as a high availability of its services.

About SLS/Silver Lining Systems

SLS is a professional services provider offering reliable and business-oriented solutions, Enterprise and Government grade cloud technology and cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). It is targeted at the telecom sector in Asia. It is aiming at creating a high-performance, robust and secure infrastructure with the help of an intelligent approach to architectural design and software applications.

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Silver Lining Systems chose StorPool to bring speed and reliability to their OpenStack+Hyper-V IaaS

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