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Shared Hosting with Software-defined Storage – Kualo and StorPool

Software-defined storage for shared hosting is a revolutionary concept. It gives hosting providers three main advantages – high availability, super fast shared hosting and amazing performance. Our team visited the office of Kualo web hosting to meet Jo Stonehouse – the Managing Director of Kualo. Jo shared his experience with StorPool and most importantly how StorPool helped Kualo to build a shared hosting without downtime and approach more enterprise customers.

About Kualo

Kualo is UK-based web hosting company, providing shared hosting and VPS solutions for customers of all sizes – from very small customers to large enterprises. For more than 15 years they are taking care for the excellent performance of thousands of websites. In the beginning Kualo chose StorPool to power the storage infrastructure for their virtual servers and cloud servers. Recently Kualo turned to StorPool to power also their shared hosting infrastructure.

The Problem

Previous to using StorPool, Kualo tried various other solutions, but they experienced a lot of performance issues. They experimented with a wide range of products, including very expensive enterprise solutions. However, they did not find anything, that can deliver all of the things they were looking for – performance, redundancy and scalability. Moreover, they searched for a solution, which is cost-effective.

The Solution

“StorPool delivered in all of these key areas! Since implementing it, we have really had no issues at all. We have unbelievable performance. We have not had a single point of downtime. It is really a fantastic experience for us.”, said Jo Stonehouse, Managing Director of Kualo.

The Change

According to Jo Stonehouse, the implementation of StorPool changed the way they sell their services. Kualo was able to differentiate the performance of storage they deliver to different customers. They have enterprise customers, which not only need something extremely reliable, but also a fantastic performance in terms of IOPS. Now Kualo can use StorPool to deliver it to them without having to develop something specifically for that use case. To summarize, they key things they noticed as a change are the stability and the performance. Moreover, StorPool saved a lot of time and headaches to Kualo and they say they are very happy.

Will Kualo recommend StorPool?

We would quite like StorPool to be our little secret!“, said Jo Stonehouse.

According to him StorPool is a fantastic product. Moreover the team is always helpful, so Kualo will definitely recommend StorPool to other companies.

Case Study:

Kualo's solution to storage performance and scalability problems

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