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On October 21st – 22nd in Barcelona is going to take place this year’s OpenNebulaConf – the must-attend cloud event of the year. The conference will be the eight of this type and is a get together of the OpenNebula community. During the annual meeting, cloud providers, system engineers, and administrators will discuss their real IT needs and use cases. StorPool is a Platinum Sponsor of the event. Our team will be there to meet existing customers, partners, and new friends.

Like previous editions, this edition of the annual OpenNebula Conference will focus on tutorials, hands-on workshops, educational contents, keynotes and short presentations by community members to keep all the audience focused and interested.

Nested Virtualizations with OpenNebula: A practical approach

Venko Moyankov, a Solution Architect at StorPool storage, will present the topic “Nested Virtualizations with OpenNebula. In this talk, StorPool will introduce the concept of nested virtualization and PCI pass-through. Nested virtualization is when you have virtual machines running inside other virtual machines. If done right, nested virtualization is hugely suitable for testing large virtualized environments, without the need for having hundreds of physical servers.

This approach empowers system administrators by reducing the time and effort needed to run/test multiple dynamic environments. This is done by having easier automation/provisioning, API control, and much more. In a nested virtualization solution, the physical hardware is sliced and diced fast and easy, which gives you a broad set of opportunities to experiment without the need for massive investments in physical hardware or time and effort needed to reinstall/set-up software.

Join this talk to learn more about why and how to do nested virtualization with OpenNebula and achieve an inception moment of having virtual machines, inside virtual machines, inside virtual machines…

OpenNebulaConf 2019 – What’s to know?

The two-day event will welcome you with great speakers and interesting topics. Part of the speakers are Jean-Philippe Fourès, Cloud Product Manager of Iguane Solutions; Alfonso Aurelio Carrillo Aspiazu, CORD Edge Project Lead at Telefónica; Michael Abdou, Community and Customer Success Manager at OpenNebula Systems and more.
You can discover the full agenda here.

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