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Meet StorPool at CloudFest 2019 in Germany

March 23rd-29th, save the date and come meet StorPool at CloudFest 2019 in Europa-Park, Rust, Germany. 

CloudFest is the biggest event in Europe entirely dedicated to celebrating the cloud industry, the professionals, and the trendsetters. The event is unique for its ability to make attendees feel as much part of the show as the presenters themselves. Every person, every idea, every feedback matters here at CloudFest Europe. It is the must-see networking and technology event of the year. More than 7,000 people are planned to attend this year’s CloudFest. Some of which the biggest technological leaders in the business. You can learn all about the newest and most exciting innovations and breakthroughs in the cloud ecosystem first hand. And, of course, let’s not forget all the social events and parties, we are all secretly looking forward to as well. 

What to expect from CloudFest 2019

As usual, this year’s CloudFest won’t disappoint either. Get ready for some great talks, amazing speakers and networking with the best of the best in the business. The line-up so far includes names like Dr. Ye Huang, Head of Solution Architects at Alibaba, Will Pemble, CEO at Goal Boss, Bhavin Turakhia, CEO at Flock, and many more big names in the media, government,  and technology world. As Ian  Khan put it: “This is the place where you will learn about everything that is related to change in the world.” 

StorPool at CloudFest 2019

This year the list of partners, exhibiting at the CloudFest conference is more impressive than ever. Once again StorPool is going to be present as well next to some of the giants in the industry such as Intel, IBM, and Huawei. 

We are excited to meet all of you, cloud enthusiasts, on March 23rd in Europe-Park. If you are interested in a chat with our team, you can still register for the event here. Will be waiting for you at booth R22 to answer all of your questions. You can learn what we have in store for the upcoming year, what are working on, and maybe give you a sneak peek of some technological insights.

StorPool offers everyone who is eager to meet us, a free pass by using the code CF19R1H. Just go to the registration form and validate your code today. You can thank us in person on March 23rd.

Storpool team

Latency: #1 Metric for your cloud

On March 28th you’ll get the chance to hear Boyan Ivanov‘s talk on the topic “Latency: #1 Metric for your cloud”.

Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage

In this talk, we’ll show how and why storage latency drives application performance and customer satisfaction. We’ll show how latency affects the user-visible application performance metrics such as time to load a web page or process certain operations. Attend this session to understand how low latency can become a strong competitive advantage for your cloud.

Also, you can check out the entire agenda of the conference and see all the exciting things you need to look forward to!

CloudFest 2019

March 23-29 2019

See you in Rust on March 23rd!

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