OpenNebulaConf 2018

“Is Hyperconverged infrastructure what you need?” – Meet StorPool at OpenNebulaConf 2018

On November 12th-13th in Amsterdam is going to take place this year’s OpenNebulaConf – the must-attend cloud event of the year. StorPool storage is happy to be a partner of OpenNebula and to join the conference as each year. The agenda is already out. And we are proud to announce that Boyan Krosnov, CPO at StorPool is going to participate with an exciting talk on the topic: “Is Hyperconverged infrastructure what you need?“.

StorPool on the topic of hyper-converged infrastructure

Boyan Krosnov

Join us on Tuesday, November 13th at 11:30 am to learn all the interesting insights into the Hyperconverged cloud solution. As well as how it combines the flexibility of the SAN-based cloud with the simplicity of the local storage. By using StorPool, any OpenNebula cloud gets great storage bandwidth, IOPS, and low latency. This enables companies to provision more VMs per host.

OpenNebulaConf 2018 – What’s to know?


This year OpenNebulaConf is setting the bar even higher with keynote speakers including German Gutiérrez from Booking and Jonathan Grahl from King, as well as many other talks, presentations, tutorials, and workshops. The main goal in mind behind the event is not just to share knowledge with the audience but also present real practices. To show how to successfully implement open source when building a cloud. This priceless experience, of course, includes two days of networking and face-to-face meetings with some of the biggest names in the industry.  Santander Bank, CentOS, European Space Agency, Fermilab, Puppet, Red Hat, BlackBerry, Telefonica, Runtastic, Unity3D, Harvard University, Trivago, and Citrix are just a small number of speakers at previous OpenNebula conferences.

About StorPool and OpenNebula

OpenNebula is an open-source platform, which is a powerful, yet simple and efficient cloud management system. Therefore, using StorPool for the storage layer and OpenNebula for the cloud management, any company, building a cloud can now build an efficient and high performance IT infrastructure.

Opennebula integration

StorPool and OpenNebula are working together, joined forces, towards a world with efficient and simple cloud with high performance. The hyperconverged cloud is using standard servers and network. Each server within the cloud combines computing, storage, and virtual networking functions. This helps to achieve better efficiency and simplified management.

More for StorPool’s integration with OpenNebula you can learn here.

Also, you can check out the entire agenda of the conference and see all the exciting things you need to look forward to!

OpenNebulaConf 2018

November 12-13 2018

See you in Amsterdam on November 12th!


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