GPU Accelerated AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cloud for A Data Pro – Machine learning enabled by a blazingly fast storage solution

A Data Pro, a global company specializing in content, data and business intelligence services chose StorPool to ensure the storage for their high-performing GPU Accelerated AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cloud. As a new line of business in 2018, A Data Pro developed a GPU-powered cloud-based solution, which does semantic content processing of large volumes of data and can then analyze the sentiment of the content which is fed to the system. The solution uses machine learning, based on regular feedback loops and crunches extremely large sets of data.

The Challenge

Managing a huge amount of data is a hard task, especially when you need to process it fast on a daily basis. A Data Pro was searching for a storage provider, which can guarantee not only the system uptime but also its high performance and the data longevity and eliminate the opportunity for data corruption.

StorPool was the only storage solution to meet and exceed all criteria of A Data Pro

A Data Pro managed to build successfully a custom private cloud with enough processing power to perform the calculations needed to teach the AI. The solution is running using KVM as hypervisor and 2 flavors of operating systems – Debian and CentOS for the compute and storage, respectively.

For the orchestration of the of the entire private cloud, A Data Pro chose OpenNebula cloud management system.

“StorPool offers a complete solution with exceptional performance and support. Anytime you need them, they are ready to help. StorPool is also doing constant monitoring on the storage and hosts and takes care of the health and uptime of our system. In this way, they save us time and we can focus on our core activities. We are very happy with StorPool storage!”, said Vasil Shivachev, part of A Data Pro.

About A Data Pro

For the past 20 years, A Data Pro has been a trusted partner to media companies and business intelligence providers from all over the world. The services offered by them include data and content management. During the past few years, A Data Pro emphasized heavily on machine learning and AI solutions as the best approach to their customers’ needs. Thanks to their expertise and the unprecedented effectiveness of their smart machines, the company reached a new level of service quality and client satisfaction.

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GPU Accelerated AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cloud for A Data Pro Machine learning enabled by a blazingly fast storage solution by StorPool

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