Gemini Open Cloud and StorPool collaborate on developing the ultimate hyperconverged stack

Investing in innovative IT solutions is becoming a main strategy for improving the competitiveness of any company today.

Hyper-Converged  Infrastructure (HCI) is a way to simplify IT, increase agility and help businesses stride towards success. Due to its easy and fast deployment, reduced manpower and skill-set requirements and many other advantages, companies of all sizes are adopting HCI.

The Taiwanese cloud company Gemini Open Cloud and the well-known European storage software company StorPool Storage reached an agreement to cooperate on developing a hyper-converged software solution for demanding workloads and environments.

The solution is bundling Gemini Open Cloud’s OpenStack with StorPool’s leading software-defined storage (SDS) to deliver a uniquely capable hyper-converged software stack.  The joint HCI solution can be deployed on as less as three servers while delivering (High Availability) HA. Still is allows companies using it to grow in the Petabyte range online, without any interruption.

Benefits of the Gemini Open Cloud + StorPool solution:

  • It comes as a pre-integrated and tested software stack, which eliminates guesswork and shortens deployment time and efforts for IT teams;
  • It meets the demand for high availability and performance in the most economical way, with minimal hardware investments;
  • It serves as an upgrade to other SDS solutions like Ceph, for use cases which require sub-millisecond latency;
  • It eliminates the need for a stand-alone SAN or all-flash arrays and comes as a software-only HCI stack, which does not impose vendor lock-in to specific hardware;
  • It can be deployed with NVMe and PCIe SSD devices and RDMA networking to reach latency as low as 100 microseconds and millions of IOPS;
  • It greatly decreases the time and cost to build a software-defined data center.

Gemini and StorPool HCI

The two companies also offer a tuned version of the hyper-converged solution, tailored for NVMe all-flash devices. With this solution, businesses will run faster than with traditional all-flash storage. The joint stack also creates a more efficient data access mechanism through the entire software architecture. This allows the hyper-converged solution to reduce access latency up to 90% and deliver IOPS scaling in the millions, for any Cloud, build with this HCI stack.

Lin Yusheng, CTO of  Gemini Open Cloud says: “According to the tests, which Gemini Open Cloud performed, by integrating the StorPool NVMe all-flash storage architecture, the three servers can reach outstanding results. They deliver more than 160 thousand random reads  IOPS and 2.0GB/s sequential reads per VM. Another advantage of the solution is scalability, which is prime customer demand. Through the unique storage technology, provided by StorPool, IOPS is scaling linearly. Undoubtedly, this is an ideal solution for high-order customers, with a strong demand for storage performance and efficiency.

We are impressed by the knowledge, professionalism, and speed of execution of Gemini’s team.“, said Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool, “With this joint package we deliver a mighty-capable and proven OpenStack-powered solution for any private or public cloud“.

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