Enhanced Offerings for Managed Services Providers by StorPool Storage

Modern MSPs aim for excellence and search for robust and agile next-generation technologies that optimize their infrastructure and solve the storage challenges they face. They want to grow their businesses and increase their margins with high-quality and reliable services that align with their customers’ needs and are easy to use. StorPool Storage provides a primary storage platform for MSPs building clouds that run mission-critical workloads.

We are introducing enhanced offerings for Managed Services Providers (MSPs) looking to build efficient cloud platforms, simplify their infrastructures and manage resources more effectively. These enrichments offer MSPs the tools they need to build their own cloud infrastructures in order to run mission-critical workloads without the pain and challenges typically associated with legacy storage technologies.

We always aim to pick the right partners to build our solutions on and StorPool has demonstrated their excellence to date,” says Ed Butler, CEO of Amito. “StorPool is a rare combination of great technology and a willing and very able support team.

Recently recognized as a leader in distributed software-defined block storage for enterprises, MSPs and hosting providers by HostingAdvice.com, StorPool provides the tools and resources needed to build efficient cloud platforms, simplify infrastructures and manage resources more effectively. Companies can streamline their operating expenses by eliminating IT management overhead while simultaneously providing superior performance and service quality. Implementing StorPool’s enhanced offerings mean that MSPs can focus more on growing their customer base and business instead of solving technology issues.

StorPool’s enhanced offerings are ideal for MSPs using their own cloud infrastructures to serve Tier 1 primary workloads to their end customers. Our partners typically offer tailored, managed solutions – managed private clouds, virtual private clouds, database as a service, desktop as a service, hosting of ERP/CRM/SCM software, etc. – over offerings from standard cloud service providers. As MSPs store more data with StorPool, they receive volume discounts on their base price per TB per month, meaning they can either increase their profit margins or optimize their prices for end customers.

Our MSP customers tell us that they like StorPool because it aligns well with their business operations,” says Alex Ivanov, Product Lead at StorPool Storage. “They understand the value of offloading heavy IT tasks because that’s what they do for their own customers. We do the same thing for them with storage, allowing MSPs to focus on delivering higher-order value to their customers. Bring your data home using the technologies you need and pay as you grow with no fixed-term commitments.

We accelerate the world by storing data more productively and helping businesses streamline their operations. Public and private cloud builders like MSPs and CSPs use StorPool Storage as their clouds’ foundation, especially when scale and proficiency are a must. 

StorPool storage systems are ideal for storing and managing the data of demanding primary workloads – databases, web servers, virtual desktops, real-time analytics solutions, and other mission-critical software. Under the hood, the primary storage platform provides thin-provisioned volumes to the workloads and applications running in your on-premises cloud. The native multi-site, multi-cluster, and BC/DR capabilities supercharge hybrid- and multi-cloud efforts at scale.

Learn more about StorPool Storage and how we accelerate the world by storing data more productively!

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