CloudStack day 2018

CloudStack European User Group Meetup 2018

On September 13th as always CloudStack put together its annual user group meetup in London. And StorPool didn’t miss the chance to take part in all the fun with a lecture “Tactical advice on building software-defined clouds”.

Tactical advice on building software-defined clouds

Boyan_IvanovBoyan Ivanov, CEO at StorPool was one of the selected speakers at the event. He took the stage to share with the audience what is like to build a software-defined clouds with CloudStack. And what fruitful collaboration you can achieve with distributed storage and CloudStack. We also heard talks from Paul Angus, who is a backup and recovery specialist at CloudStack. He further explained the future and the importance of the disaster recovery solutions.

About CloudStack


CloudStack is one of the leading open source software. It deploys and manages large networks of virtual machines. It is, in fact, a Java-based multi-hypervisor and multi-tenant cloud management platform. Offers service providers public and private cloud services, as well as a hybrid cloud solution. CloudStack helps reduce costs and time of building a multi-tenant IaaS platform. The software is user-friendly. It’s managed by a Web interface, command line tools, and a full-featured RESTful API. But what’s even greater about it is that there are no licensing costs. Therefore, users can develop features directly in the project.

Who is ShapeBlue?

Shapeblue logoShapeBlue is the world’s biggest independent integrator of CloudStack technologies. Through the years they have worked together to develop some of the largest network, storage, and compute infrastructures on the market. ShapeBlue designs and develops IaaS cloud infrastructures for both private and public cloud implementations. Along with all of that, ShapeBlue is the initiator of the annual CloudStack European User Group Day.

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