Biznet Case Study - Enterprise-grade Public Cloud with StorPool

Biznet Gio Cloud chooses fast and reliable storage from StorPool

Biznet Gio Cloud has switched from Ceph to StorPool for an even better shared storage offering performance and seamless scalability.

The Challenge

Biznet Gio Cloud is recognized as one of the leading cloud providers in Indonesia and is famous for implementing reliable technologies in its services in order to provide a fast and reliable cloud. The company was in greater need to upgrade its public cloud setup that would solidify its place on the IaaS market. Biznet Gio Cloud was searching for a faster block storage solution that would significantly improve the performance of their infrastructure. They also needed proper OpenStack integration, seamless scalability, and reliability that could only be achieved by the leading SDS provider StorPool.

The Solution – Switching to StorPool

Biznet Gio Cloud chose StorPool’s fast and reliable SDS solution that provides outstanding 24/7 technical support and high product quality. “StorPool is the block storage solution to provide high performance, high scalability, and reliability.” sais Yusuf Hadiwinata Sutandar, VP Operation & Services of Biznet Gio. Switching to StorPool gave Biznet Gio Cloud the stability their services needed in order to achieve better cloud performance and high availability.

The advantages

Biznet Gio Cloud - Switching to StroPool benefits

About Biznet Gio Cloud

Biznet Gio Cloud is one of the Leading Asian Public Clouds and has experience in providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Its vision is to contribute more to developing Indonesia through innovation and information technology, as both serving the industry or the community. The Indonesian cloud computing company provides flexible and reliable infrastructure solutions for its customers. Biznet Gio Cloud is constantly implementing innovative and trusted technologies, following the word IT trends and taking the initiative by showing other cloud providers what good quality service should be like.

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