StorPool Overhauls Cloud-based Storage Analytics and Monitoring Suite 

StorPool Storage provides a hosted analytics instrument that collects hundreds of metrics per second to deliver deep insights into each StorPool storage system’s performance, reliability, and availability – at a per-second granularity for the last 48 hours and per-minute for the most recent 365 days. StorPool Storage also provides a cloud-based monitoring console that converts the collected metrics into per-node and whole-system status reports and alerts. 

Together, these two instruments, included free-of-charge in each StorPool Storage license, make up the StorPool Analytics and Monitoring Suite that is used to get instant insights into the overall condition of the global fleet of StorPool storage systems. StorPool’s seasoned storage experts utilize these and other instruments to proactively open support tickets and quickly deal with potential issues before they impact end-user workloads. As a result, our customers get to focus on growing their business with the peace of mind that their cloud’s foundation is running at optimal levels.

The StorPool Analytics and Monitoring Suite has recently been updated, providing improvements and features that make it faster, more versatile, and easier to use. As a result, we expect to save even more time for customers while ensuring the reliability of StorPool’s solution for companies with large-scale clouds and massive volumes of data distributed across many StorPool storage systems. 

The most valuable improvements include our instruments’ improved speed and the ability to view graphics for all the clouds each StorPool customer manages through a single account. For companies working with Google Workspace, the new version of the analytics instrument allows access via a Google account, so it is not necessary to create a dedicated account for access to StorPool storage system insights.

Latest Improvements of the StorPool Analytics and Monitoring Suite

StorPool Storage provides a set of pre-created easy-to-read visualizations that present information about the state of servers, storage devices, storage protocols, and services running in their clouds. StorPool’s team employs this data to monitor real-time or historical events and analyze for operational or reliability issues in the primary and secondary storage systems distributed across 30+ countries globally. The data also helps extract business insights, so customers can easily plan their expansion strategy, non-disruptive hardware refreshes, and other initiatives.

Read on for a summary of the key updates to our analytics instrument that make it easier to manage environments with many StorPool storage systems:

  • Authentication with Google accounts – There is no need to create separate accounts for the StorPool Analytics instrument. Our customers can now use “Sign in with Google” as an external authentication method for easier access to the system and fewer passwords to remember.
  • Per-customer login to see all clusters – The new per-customer login feature is also a push in that direction. In contrast with the previous implementation, a customer now needs only one account to observe all their StorPool storage systems in one place within the analytics instrument.
  • Performance boost – The latest update significantly improves the software’s speed. One of the most noticeable and satisfying improvements is the graphics rendering speed. This helps StorPool’s team and end-users analyze production systems faster and invest the saved time in creating new opportunities for their business.

“StorPool Storage always aims to provide a more reliable and complete service to our customers. We are continuously investing our time and resources in updating the StorPool Analytics and Monitoring Suite to make it possible for them to focus on their own business. In the future, we’ll continue adding more improvements and features to StorPool’s instruments and our primary storage platform to answer our customers’ ever-growing needs and help them adapt to the constantly changing market conditions easily.” – Kalin Antonov, Support Team Lead at StorPool Storage.

StorPool has continuously improved for the past year, adding numerous new features and improving the general user experience for our services. With the latest update to the StorPool Analytics and Monitoring Suite and our latest product release StorPool Storage v20, we’re aiming to make our complete primary storage solution even faster, more productive, and more reliable. 

Learn more about StorPool Storage and how we accelerate the world by storing data more productively!

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