How to: Migrate to a New-Age IT Stack with KVM

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The business environment today requires any company to invest heavily in modern, new-age IT.

Any business can benefit from a resilient, fast and scalable IT infrastructure by adopting a new-age IT stack. It is no surprise that existing IT systems are substituted by the latest-generation designs, tools, and systems, which deliver the agility and speed which the business of tomorrow needs.

With the raise of the cloud and cloud-native applications most of the IT stack gets refreshed.

Legacy & traditional hardware and software stacks are commoditized and run as software, primarily on open-source virtualization platforms such as KVM and containers/Kubernetes.

Switching from a traditional hypervisor to KVM is one of the crucial steps for successfully converting to new-age IT and preparing your infrastructure for the challenges of tomorrow.

There are many scattered tools developed to facilitate the migration of virtual machines from one virtualization platform to another. But this step-by-step guide is summing all needed steps and tools for a simple and working migration process, which guarantees proven results.


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Benefits of switching from legacy hypervisor to KVM

Future-proof  your  IT  with  a  new-age  IT  stack
Enhance  your  virtualization
Avoid  Vendor
Increase flexibility  and  agility
Improve  resource  utilization