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Unlocking new opportunities through adoption of software-defined storage – StorPool’s Webinar

On May 2nd StorPool did a webinar on the topic “Unlocking new opportunities through the adoption of software-defined storage”, covering the matter of how technology can help you increase the value and efficiency of your business. Which, of course, is the essence of technology to begin with. It decreases customers’ churn, increases their satisfaction, and cuts the IT infrastructure costs.

The 4 types of companies on the market

4 types of companiesYou can differentiate 4 main types of companies on the market – the Disruptor, the Innovator, the “Me too”, and the Laggard. Disruptors are the ones who take the industry by storm. What they do is hard to both emulate and repeat. You may see them in the face of Digital Ocean, AWS or GOOG. The Innovators on the other hand constantly improve their business process and technology. They never stop looking for a way to satisfy the needs of the market or the customer. They are not afraid to push the limits. The Innovators are the opposite of the “Me too” companies. They tend to follow the trend, play it safe and do everything the Disruptors and the Innovators try to avoid. The Laggards are quite similar as well. They are resistant to change and innovation, lacking the vision, mindset, and strategy to better their business. Therefore, the last two mentioned group usually fall behind and don’t last in the long run.


Unlocking new opportunities: the secret behind it

Making your business grow is no walk in the park. They are usually plenty of obstacles standing in your way. We believe that the main issue here is the lack of reliability or the downtime. This can be seen in the customers’ churn and the not enough word of mouth growth. Sometimes simply the capabilities of the company are just not enough anymore. Their performance and flexibility are not able to answer the customers’ needs. And the third problem standing between you and the growth of your business is the qualification of your employees. This is a thing often times overlooked but is very crucial indeed. There is no doubt that finding good and knowledgeable IT specialists can be a struggle. However, it might as well be the thing that makes the biggest change for your company.

Technology – the “make or break” of your business

Some of the biggest issues of companies can always be solved by using new technology:

  • Performance issues
  • Downtime
  • No flexibility
  • High levels of latency
  • Cost of current infrastructure
  • Loss of data
Providing better value by using new technology

The one sure way to provide better service, that is innovation. Performance and reliability are the two main factors that are responsible for the churn of customers. Additionally, reducing or, ideally, eliminating the downtime is what makes the biggest difference. Without it, even the price or performance don’t matter anymore. That being said, the constant implementation of new features also helps attract new customers. At the end of the day, however, people are drawn by competitive prices, that can also bring the best quality service or product on the market.

Unlocking new opportunities through adoption of software-defined storage

A StorPool Webinar

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