Software-Defined Storage Resolving Top Issues of Shared Hosting Industry

Software-defined storage can resolve the top issues with which thousands of shared hosting providers struggle every day. A great storage system can give a solution to the issues with downtime, customer dissatisfaction, and shared hosting ROI.

At StorPool every day we speak with a bunch of hosting companies. Moreover, trough the years we have gathered a great experience and knowledge of the problems you need to solve. It is a competitive market and if you want to survive as a shared hosting provider, you better put some attention and efforts in providing the fastest and most exceptional service on the market.

The top 3 problems affecting 90% of the shared hosting industry

In an interview, we talked with Boyan Ivanov, CEO of StorPool Storage, what hosting providers usually share with him as business and technical issues they need to fight:

  • reliability of the service
  • how to increase the profit margins
  • how to differentiate the service from competitors

Can the software-defined storage resolve these problems?

By using technology, you can improve the shared hosting service. And storage is a big part of the technology behind hosting.

The hosting market is not homogenous. It is different to sell in Europe and USA. And each geographic location has its own specifics. Moreover, all customers are different. Some of them are caring only for the price, while others want the fastest speed and highest quality. In this situation, as a hosting provider, you have lots of challenges. If your customers are fans of the lowest possible monthly fee, there is not much that you can do. But if you want to optimize the speed and uptime, storage can do a lot.

Highly Available Shared Hosting by StorPool storage

The Highly Available Shared Hosting design is an architecture typical of the cloud architecture. It is a solution, provided only by StorPool Storage and ensuring high availability, live migration, online patching of kernels and more. It allows the system to work at a low cost and thus allowing shared hosting providers to optimize the costs. The highly available shared hosting architecture saves time for maintenance, spendings on hardware, support, and colocation. Thus improving your efficiency and agility.

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