Software Defined Data Center, Public Cloud or Service Provider

It is a well known fact that profit margins in the service provider industry are being continually squeezed. This is why Data Centers, Cloud Builders and Service Providers are constantly searching for higher efficiency and a greater ROI, (Return on Investment). StorPool customers are looking for a way to optimize all aspects of their storage requirements, as it is a crucial element of their service. They look for cost effective, high performance storage, which is also extremely flexible, scalable, ideally available on a pay as you grow basis and which can scale out as their business grows, but without the traditional large upfront CAPEX investment.

StorPool’s unique distributed, scale out architecture makes it the preferred solution in these cases. When building a software defined data center, public cloud or service provider it is all about efficiency and performance on the block storage level. StorPool lowers software defined data center footprint by converging storage and compute on the same servers, which in turn reduces utility costs and management expenses.

The direct benefits for any software defined Data Center, Public or Private cloud operator using StorPool, include unmatched flexibility and scalability, as StorPool scales smoothly in terms of both capacity and performance with every node the customers adds to their cluster. Further, StorPool matches the Service Provider’s business model, by charging monthly or yearly license fees, in line with their capacity and performance requirements.