Block storage for Enterprise Private Cloud

In today’s world, every company regardless of the product or service they provide, is under increasing pressure to optimize their complex IT infrastructure, and creating or expanding their Private/Hybrid Cloud, is in many times on top of their IT agenda. However there are various issues to address when building either a Hybrid or Enterprise Private Cloud, and the storage element of the overall IT infrastructure, is still by far, the most expensive and difficult to manage and scale, part of the solution.

However StorPool customers do not have to make large upfront investments in dedicated storage or all flash arrays, instead they can use standard hardware, which is both inexpensive and straight forward to use. The use of StorPool in an Enterprise Private cloud makes the management of the storage simple and easy, whilst simultaneously providing a very powerful, highly flexible, intelligent and fast storage solution.

Features such as thin provisioning, Snapshots and Clones, TRIM and others, allow StorPool customers to shrink their data storage footprint and provision more disk space. Intelligent storage features including storage tiering and QoS (Quality of Service), ensure that the required performance and SLAs are met.