Build a Highly Available Shared Hosting Storage

In the Highly Available Shared Hosting architecture the traditional bare metal (physical) shared hosting servers are converted to virtual machines, running on highly available VM infrastructure. The VM infrastructure is designed for high performance and high efficiency in mind. It can handle hardware failures (failed server, failed drives) without any downtime.
This solution is suitable for shared hosting providers who want to achieve better performance and higher availability of the shared hosting service and lower total cost.

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“Using StorPool along with a low-latency and high bandwidth Infiniband network allows us to match the speed of local SSD storage, which is amazing. Having a distributed storage that can easily be accessed by any server in the cluster means we can practically eliminate downtime or reduce it to mere seconds.” – TENKO NIKOLOV, CEO, SiteGround (USA)

“We are very impressed with the performance of the StorPool Distributed Storage system. Equally important is the competency and responsiveness of StorPool’s staff. The eApps/StorPool team really raised the bar on how to implement critical infrastructure.” – RICK LINGSCH, President, eApps (USA)

Why you should switch from traditional or local storage to Highly Available Shared Hosting block storage?





The Benefits Of Building Highly Available Shared Hosting

Business Benefits

  • Competitive advantage: When running software-defined shared hosting you improve service performance and service availability, increase margins, decrease churn.
  • Less salary expenses/wasted time: StorPool will manage the storage system for you. Your tech team will manage 6 times less servers. Enjoy a self-healing system. Perform system or physical servers maintenance without downtime or restarts.
  • Reduced costs: The new architecture provides a quantum leap in service quality at lower overall cost. After investing in HASH, your cost per user will go down, allowing you to keep more profit and/or invest in your hosting business growth and development!

Technical Benefits

  • Highly-available infrastructure: By deploying highly available storage solution you eliminate hardware-related downtime
  • No more downtime during standard maintenance or hardware upgrades and refresh cycles
  • Much better performance: Eliminate performance-related customer complaints
  • No vendor lock-in and commodity hardware usage
  • No bandwidth shortage in peak periods
  • Increase hardware utilization: Both storage and compute-wise
  • Have a simple and fluid system to manage and grow
  • The best local storage alternative

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The new architecture provides a quantum leap in service quality at lower overall cost when building Shared Hosting. Keep more profit and invest in your hosting business growth and development by using shared hosting distributed storage!