StorPool Block Storage – the better alternative to EMC Scaleio storage

How StorPool compares to ScaleIO

From all block-level Software-Defined Storage solutions on the market Dell/EMC ScaleIO is the closest to StorPool, in terms of high-level capabilities.

In our view, the ScaleIO team was the only one on the market, besides StorPool, who had good understanding of the problems with traditional storage architecture. They also took the hard, but right approach to develop a solution from the ground-up.

On a very high-level the 2 solution are very similar, however the inner workings of StorPool and ScaleIO are very different. The performance and scalability metrics are identical, however there are some differences in the data handling and consistency layers.

We have not spent a lot of time on exploring ScaleIO, but basic research pointed several fundamental differences (without any claims for thoroughness) :

1. Data integrity: StorPool does full end-to-end data integrity from the Client/initiator. This is unmatched by any other solution we have seen on the market.

2. Data Versioning: StorPool, unlike ScaleIO keeps a version for every piece of data in the system. In this way if a drive or server fail, we know which is the last copy of the data and use it

3. Redundancy/Replication: In StorPool the user of the system can set the number of copies 1-2-3 (3 copies recommended for production). In ScaleIO this is fixed to 2 copies.

4. Licensing: StorPool covers the full range of monthly and CapEx options, unlike any other solution on the market.

5. All included in license fee: with StorPool our license fee covers our full-feature set and all services (24/7 Enterprise-grade support with SLA, system design, monitoring, etc. Again unlike any other solution on the market we keep things simple and provide value by delivering all functionality and services in one package. No extra cost to unlock features, no extra cost for support & SLA).

If you are interested in learning more about StorPool and why it is the better alternative to EMC Scaleio storage, get in touch.

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