End-to-End Data Integrity
Protect your data from any
possible loss or corruption

Best-of-class protection mechanisms to eradicate data corruption and ensure your data longevity

Reliable like nothing else

StorPool has the most advanced and thorough end-to-end data-integrity mechanism on the market today. We have developed a proprietary 64-bit end-to-end data integrity checksum to protect our customer’s data.
StorPool continually protects the data that it writes and reads, in order to ensure its accuracy. Right from the moment an application gives data to StorPool, to the instant that StorPool gives it back to the application, we ensure this data is correct and protect your priceless information.

Why is End-to-end data integrity critical?

Some storage systems, have partial data integrity. This is usually a check-sum, stored with the data on the physical drives. Most storage systems out there do not even have partial data integrity.

Without end-to-end data integrity, a storage system cannot tell if the data you stored on it is the same as the data that your users or applications have created. This is so, because IT stacks are increasingly complex and multi-component. Bugs in software, firmware and hardware, as well as human error often lead to noticeable or sometimes unseen (silent) data corruption.

With growing volumes of data, the lack of data integrity means that your storage system will experience errors daily, in most cases silent data errors. As these data errors (data corruption) accumulate, the decay becomes apparent – blue screens, hung VMs, files which are accessible.

End-to-end data integrity done right

StorPool has the most advanced and thorough end-to-end data integrity functionality on the market. From the moment an user or application sends any data to StorPool, we calculate a 64-bit checksum, which then travels with the data through all software and hardware components of your IT systems. The check-sum is implemented in the StorPool Client (Driver) and protects the data from the application to the disks and back.

In this way we protect your data not only in the borders of the storage system, but also protect against hardware issues in the network or servers, software stack bugs, and misplaced/phantom/partial writes performed by the hard disks or SSD themselves and more.

In addition to the end-to-end data integrity, StorPool provides data redundancy by ensuring a triple data replication and data scrubbing.

The end-to-end data integrity feature ensures that the data read is the same as the data recorded. In case of error, the system automatically uses another copy of the data, with undamaged data. The combination of these two storage features guarantees the security of your data and protects from failure of the disks like misplaced writes, silent corruption, phantom writes, partial writes and many more.

Furthermore we have a lightweight background operation which “scrubs” the drives, i.e. checks for errors and rebuilds copies of data which may become damaged on the disks.

Business Benefits

• no more data loss
• ensure the integrity of your customers’ data and applications
• maximum security for your business
• get a competitive advantage

Technical Benefits

• prevent data corruption on the network
• avoid data loss in case of hardware problem
• prevent silent data corruption and phantom write
• prevent partial and misplaced writes